Are There Side Effects to Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Watch this video by Dr. Gregory Zirakian to learn more about any potential reactions you may experience during a teeth whitening treatment. If you still have questions, schedule a free consultation today.

Whitening agent is acidic in quality. Its job is to remove coffee, tea, cigarette stains, you know stain that your teeth just accumulate between the teeth, between the fillings in the teeth, that the gum line and the teeth darken over time. I tell people it’s like lemon, like a lemon. If you have a cut and you use lemon.

It’s going to hurt in the cut. If your gums have receded or you have cavities. All right. There’s going to be the gums receding, which the roots are showing or there’s a cavity on the teeth. You don’t want to have that because you’re putting a whitening agent, it’s a weak acid is going to get into those crevices it’s going to cause sensitivity.

But a great, great, great, great thing to have. And I do it myself now. I do it myself. I have it. And every now and then, if I can do it three or four nights in my house, it’s very good for you.



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