Dental Bonding in East Longmeadow, MA

Cracked and chipped teeth are common, with up to 70% of adults in the United States having at least one damaged tooth. Although there are many options available for the treatment of chipped teeth, one of the most affordable is turning to dental bonding. 

Having concerns about how your smile looks can make you feel less confident. But with dental bonding at East Longmeadow Family Dental Center, you can regain that confidence and feel comfortable sharing your smile with the world.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses a tooth-colored composite resin to correct issues with your smile. The resin is the same as that used during restorative dental procedures.

Dental bonding can help:

  • Camouflage tooth discolorations
  • Conceal cracks and chips
  • Make your teeth appear longer
  • Close gaps between your teeth
  • Change the shape of your teeth

Dental bonding is best suited for minor tooth problems and not for teeth that have suffered severe decay. 

Dental Bonding vs. Veneers

Porcelain veneers are shells that adhere to the front surface of your teeth. Placing them requires removing some of the enamel. Once they are in place, veneers are also not removable, though you will have to replace them every 10 or 20 years. 

Dental bonding is reversible because it does not require enamel removal. In some instances, you can get resin on the entire surface of the tooth in a way that functions similarly to a veneer. 

Benefits of Dental Bonding

At East Longmeadow Family Dental Center, Dr. Gregory Zirakian recommends dental bonding for patients looking for a quick and affordable option to correct their cosmetic smile concerns. 

Dental bonding is a less expensive procedure than most other cosmetic dental options. It is also faster, allowing you to get results in just one appointment. Other options, like veneers or crowns, require multiple dental visits. 

Additionally, the dental bonding procedure is minimally invasive. With crowns and veneers, Dr. Zirakian would have to remove some of the enamel from your tooth, but that is not necessary with dental bonding. 

Dental bonding is also versatile, capable of correcting a range of cosmetic dental issues. And because it can help with cracks and chips that can retain food particles and attract bacteria, dental bonding can also reduce the chances of developing tooth decay.

After the Procedure

Another benefit of dental bonding is the minimal aftercare required after the procedure. You don’t have to worry about many limitations to the foods you can eat, as you would with dental crowns. 

Dental bonding is also long-lasting. If you maintain good oral hygiene, you might be able to enjoy the bonding for 10 years without needing to replace it. 

Dental bonding offers natural results as well. Because the resin closely matches the color of your teeth, you don’t have to be concerned about anyone noticing that you have had the procedure done.

Preparing for Dental Bonding

The first step to taking care of your cracked or chipped teeth is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Zirakian. 

At this consultation, he will assess your oral health to see if composite bonding is the best treatment option. He will ask about your medical history, whether you have experienced tooth decay, and anything else about your health or smile that may be relevant. 

He will explain the procedure and go over the costs as well as your payment options. If your insurance doesn’t cover dental bonding or if you don’t have insurance, we offer in-house financing with low monthly payments. You can rest assured that we work with any budget. 

Little preparation is necessary for a dental bonding procedure, and you will likely not require anesthesia unless Dr. Zirakian needs to drastically change the shape of the tooth or the chip or crack is near the tooth’s root. 

Dr. Zirakian will choose the resin color that best matches your natural tooth color using a shade guide. He will then roughen the surface of the tooth and apply a conditioning liquid to help the material adhere to the tooth. 

Then, Dr. Zirakian adds the resin, which is a putty-like material, and molds it into the right shape and size on your tooth. A laser quickly hardens the resin. Once the material hardens, he will further shape and trim the resin, polishing it so that the sheen matches that of your natural teeth. The process can take between 30 and 60 minutes per tooth. 

Caring for Bonded Teeth

Dental bonding material can chip, so you want to avoid chewing on ice chips, hard candies, and other hard materials. You also want to avoid tearing things open with your teeth. 

You can care for your bonded teeth in the same way as you do your natural teeth. Brush at least twice a day, and floss once a day. You can also rinse with a mouthwash. There is no need to purchase special products for the resin bonding, but do opt for a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. 

Additionally, make sure to schedule regular appointments with Dr. Zirakian to ensure that he can catch any issues quickly. If you feel any sharp edges or any changes to the way you bite, reach out to Dr. Zirakian quickly to avoid further problems. 

Remember that resin does not resist stains as well as your natural teeth, so you will want to limit substances like red wine, sodas, coffee, and tobacco, especially during the first two days after the procedure. You can’t whiten resin, either, so if it discolors and looks less natural, the best option is to replace it. 

Most people need touch-ups every three to 10 years. 

Improve Your Smile with Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can help you correct any tooth imperfections that can affect your appearance while also helping you prevent further damage to the tooth. This quick and affordable procedure doesn’t require anesthesia, and you can expect to only need one appointment for it. 

At East Longmeadow Family Dental Center, Dr. Gregory Zirakian offers some of the best dental services in East Longmeadow, MA. With nearly 40 years of experience and access to advanced technologies like CBCT X-rays, Dr. Zirakian can provide cosmetic and restorative dental services you can depend on. 

You deserve to smile with confidence. To learn more about our services, call East Longmeadow Family Dental Center and schedule your free consultation today.