Bioclear in East Longmeadow, MA

At East Longmeadow Family Dental Center, we use a variety of methods to repair and restore damaged teeth. However, some procedures traditionally used to fix chipped teeth or gaps between teeth require enamel removal, which is not ideal. Other options aren’t as long-lasting as patients would like. Some common treatments, like dental bonding, can also leave imperfect edges that can trap bacteria, leading to further dental issues. Fortunately, we offer an innovative solution called Bioclear right here at our office.

Bioclear is a modern, durable, conservative approach to repairing your teeth. Best of all, Bioclear can enhance your smile in just one visit, creating a strong, natural-looking bond without the drawbacks of traditional approaches.

What Is Bioclear?

Bioclear is a technique for restoring damaged teeth, closing gaps in your smile, or concealing those little black triangles that appear between our teeth as we age. It was created by Dr. David Clark in 2007 to offer a more conservative restorative method while enhancing durability.

The Bioclear method incorporates a specialized composite material that Dr. Zirakian applies to your tooth through a process called warm injection molding. He places a naturally shaped plastic mold around the tooth, heats the composite material, and then “over-molds” the tooth, filling the mold with more material than necessary.

This process completely covers and protects the tooth. By engulfing the tooth with the material, the heated Bioclear material can adhere to the tooth more effectively. The technique also minimizes issues like air bubbles, microleakage, or excessive translucency that can occur with bonding.

Dr. Zirakian then cures the composite material and gently grinds, buffs, and polishes the excess away. This process gives your tooth a smooth infinity edge that traditional bonding can’t match.

Bioclear as a Bonding Alternative

What’s the difference between dental bonding and Bioclear? Think of it this way: bonding is like patching holes in the road, while Bioclear is like re-paving the entire street. Dental bonding uses a tooth-colored resin to correct small imperfections in your teeth. In certain cases, we can use bonding as a quick and easy way to restore a damaged tooth. However, unlike Bioclear, the bonding material is added to your teeth in layers and only where needed. This patchwork system may leave your tooth vulnerable to further damage or result in a noticeable mismatch between the bonding material and your natural tooth.

Bioclear in East Longmeadow, MA | Dr. Gregory ZirakianOne of the key drawbacks of bonding is that it doesn’t last as long as other restorative treatments. Generally, bonding has a lifespan of 5-10 years because the resin is weaker than natural tooth enamel and doesn’t resist stains as well as other materials. The bonding material may chip if you chew on ice, fingernails, or hard candy. Bioclear will last 10 years or more with proper care, and its smoother edges are less prone to chipping. Additionally, its seamlessness helps prevent bacteria buildup that can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Bioclear as a Veneer and Crown Alternative

What sets Bioclear apart from other restorative procedures like dental crowns or porcelain veneers is that Bioclear doesn’t require the removal of your natural enamel. Before we can place crowns or veneers, we must shave down the tooth to accommodate the restoration. This makes them non-reversible procedures, as tooth enamel does not grow back. Bioclear is a more conservative approach, allowing you to keep what remains of your teeth; it’s a great option for those anxious about altering their natural teeth.

Another advantage of Bioclear is that it’s much easier to repair than a broken crown or veneer. If the composite material chips or cracks, Dr. Zirakian can simply apply more and build it back up again. If a veneer cracks, it’s much more difficult to replace.

Bioclear is also a much faster process than veneers or crowns. Unlike these other restorations, which require multiple appointments, we can repair the entire tooth in a single visit using Bioclear. This efficiency often makes Bioclear a more cost-effective option. There won’t be any healing time or temporary teeth, either—you’ll be able to use your new teeth as soon as you walk out the door.

The Tooth Restoration Process

Bioclear in East Longmeadow, MA | Dr. Gregory ZirakianThe Bioclear process involves gum protection, thorough plaque cleaning, and molding using advanced tools and materials created specifically for this process.

  1. Tooth isolation: We begin by carefully tucking a rubber dam around your teeth, isolating the enamel, and protecting your gums during the procedure.
  2. Biofilm removal: Biofilm is the technical name for the sticky white plaque on your teeth. We must completely remove it to allow the Bioclear material to adhere to the teeth properly. To see the biofilm, Dr. Zirakian will apply a blue Bioclear Disclosing Solution to the teeth. This solution stains any biofilm, allowing us to target it for removal. We then use the Bioclear Blaster to get rid of the biofilm and any excess solution.
  3. Mold placement: Plastic molds called matrices are trimmed to fit your teeth and applied to each side, extending beyond the tooth. Once the molds are in place, we cover the tooth with an etching material to help with adhesion. Once we’ve etched the tooth, we wash and dry the tooth.
  4. Warm injection molding: Next, Dr. Zirakian applies an adhesive and injects the composite material into the mold, intentionally using excess material to avoid underfilled areas. He then shapes the uncured material and uses brushes to remove any excess material between the teeth.
  5. Light curing: Dr. Zirakian uses a special dental light to harden the composite material so he can remove the molds.
  6. Contouring and polishing: Much like sanding a piece of wood, we shape the tooth with a coarse drill, moving to a finer and finer sander as we get closer to its ultimate shape. Finally, we shine the tooth with a polish, and your new tooth is ready to use.

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If you’re looking to restore a damaged tooth or repair those black triangles between your teeth in a more conservative, long-lasting, and affordable way, Bioclear may be right for you. Dr. Zirakian and his experienced team can show you how this innovative new technology can benefit you. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.