At What Age Should I Bring My Child to the Dentist?

Watch this video to learn more about when the appropriate time would be to begin bringing your child to the dentist.

People always ask me what age to bring my child to the dentist. And this, I always say, is pretty straightforward to me. It depends on the child. But most kids, we try to get them in at, you know, three or four years old. They ride in the chair with mom or dad. They just sit in the chair and just watch and sit and watch as moms get a cleaning.

And we recommend to do that a couple times. If you know, they’re really mature three year old, they can sit still, they can get a cleaning, we’ll do a cleaning for them and that works. Clean their teeth, show them staying and brushing for them. Four year old most four year olds are pretty good, so we can see them and by five they should definitely be seen so we can see what’s going on with their teeth.

We want to make sure the adult teeth are coming in. You’re welcome to come in. We’re pretty laid back here. We’re here to make it make it easy and fun, and especially for a child. It’s just, hey, let’s just get him in the right frame of mind. Let them do the right homework. You know, they’re not going to be brushing their teeth yet, right? But we’re going to show them. We’re going to help. You’re going to show them. And if it’s fun, they’ll want to come like I did when I was a very young child.


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