The Bioclear Method is a revolutionary step by step process that utilizes ultra thin tooth shaped forms to permanently reconstruct teeth with long lasting stain resistant restorations. Bioclear can be used to straighten teeth by filling in gaps, closing spaces between teeth, filling in black triangles between teeth, repairing the edges of chipped teeth, or fixing traumatic injuries to front teeth. Bioclear can help improve a patient’s smile by making small misshapen teeth more full and natural. Bioclear can be less expensive than having a crown or traditional veneers placed, and it is stronger and more stain resistant than dental bonding.

The Bioclear Method utilizes injectable composite resin that quickly adheres to the surface of the affected tooth. In addition to being stronger and less expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures, it’s also easier to repair the tooth if it chips. In some cases, porcelain crowns can’t be touched up at all and must be completely replaced if they chip. Bioclear uses dental composite, which is easier to modify than porcelain.

Stain Resistant
Easily Repaired