Can You Stabilize My Existing Denture?

Watch this video to learn more about what options we offer to bring stability and retention to your dentures.

The existing denture. If it’s good, we could use it. Most of the time it isn’t good. We have to kind of make you a new denture because it’s so worn. The teeth are broken and there’s not enough area for the minis to fit. So we need space to put in the mini implants. So here’s the mini implant denture for mini implants.

It’s done all in one procedure that same day when the denture is made, we place the minis. Now it snaps into place. If you’re having a loose denture and it’s not working for you and using gobs of globs of adhesive, give us a call. We offer a complimentary exam You come in and say, Hey, does this denture work? We’ll take a look at it.

I’ll tell you right then and there. That doesn’t work. Hey, let’s get you a new denture. Let’s get you something that fits functions. And then when we’re pretty happy with everything and looking really good, place it realign this, snap it in place. Bang. You’re all set. It’s really nice procedure.



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