Dental Crown Process Explained

Watch this video to learn more about the entirety of the dental crown process to restore your beautiful smile.

The Crown Procedures is two visits. First visit we numb you up. It’s about 45 minutes. You’re in the chair or you walk out and we clean everything up. We get rid of the bad the cavity of the tooth, the broken part of the tooth. And you walk out with a temporary crown and you walk around, you walk around for maybe two weeks, two, sometimes three, depending on the laboratory and three weeks and two and a half weeks you get the crown back.

We put it in and within really a 20 minute, 30 minute procedure tops, we cement it in, we make sure it fits right. We make sure it’s colors right. We make sure it fits between the teeth, that we make sure the bite’s right and then we cement it in. And then you walk out and you have a beautiful smile again. And what that allows us to do is you don’t have to have surgical procedure.

And without surgical procedure, you know, it’s a little easier for you. Basically, these are tools. All these tools are to help you get teeth. That’s what this is all about. So call us. We’re here to help give us you know, we have our complimentary exam. And that basically allows you to come in the office, see if you like us, see if this is something that works for you, and we can make it work.


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