Do You Perform Dental Extractions?

Watch this video to learn more about what kinds of dental extractions we perform and which are referred out to an oral surgeon.

Dental extractions. Yeah, we do dental extraction in the office. We do probably about 95% of what an oral surgeon would do. There are some teeth impacted, wisdom teeth or impacted tooth or if a tooth, we look at an x ray, it just doesn’t look really it doesn’t look right. But we do most routine extractions.

If you got hit in the mouth or you have a wisdom tooth and that’s bothering you, come on in for a complimentary exam. Let us take a look at it. If it’s something we can do, we can set up a time and take care of it for you so you don’t have to wait two, three, four or five weeks to get to an oral surgeon’s office.

And these are a lot of these procedures are really straightforward for us because we do lots and lots of this work.



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