How Long Does the Porcelain Veneer Process Take?

Watch this video to learn more about the timeframe you can expect for the entirety of the porcelain veneer application process.

Porcelain veneer process takes usually two visits. One visit is you come in. We make the tooth desensitize the tooth with the anesthetic, and we do the procedure. That procedure takes about 45, 50 minutes tops, make you a temporary usually. And then basically two weeks later, you come back in another 40 minutes. We put the veneer in, we try it, we make sure the bite’s good, we make sure you love it.

And you get you get your porcelain veneer. And like I said, come in for a complimentary exam. Be more than happy to see if you’re a candidate. But it’s a wonderful procedure and we do a ton of them.



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