Is There a Solution for a Floating Denture?

Watch this video to learn more about what options we offer to those with loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Floating denture is basically as if it’s a little low on the bottom. And it basically means maybe you had the denture made years ago. And as we get older, like we lose our hair. Ah, we lose bone. Pure and simple. Like we lose muscle. We lose bone. And what will happen is that denture that we had made ten or 15 or 25 years ago is now ill fitting.

And you may be using globs of Fixodent to hold it into place. Mini implants are wonderful for this. It’s a solution we use all the time. We can place four mini implants in that bone and and we can make it give you a brand new denture that fits your teeth today. So if the denture fits and you love that you have a denture, if you say I want a little bit more, we can put some mini implants in there. So if you’re having a problem with a denture and you want a little bit more mini implants are for you.


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