What If I Need to Replace Multiple Teeth?

Watch this video to learn more about the different options we offer to restore your smile if you have multiple missing teeth.

Replacing multiple teeth. Now we’re kind of we’re talking like a full mouth rehabilitation in a way. So now we have to really talk about upper and lower and how many implants we want to put in. What you know and what your time frame is and the budget, still can be done. Obviously, multiple teeth is going to cost a little more.

A little more because now you have to put usually the uppers six and then the bottom is four. So, I mean, you’re going to have that when you’re putting six implants in. There’s a cost for the surgical procedure, the implants for its cost. But the wonderful thing about these procedures are that, you know, once you get the mini implant in there and you put your denture in there, and stabilize it.

If you want to have a mini, couple mini implants, you want, missing two teeth on the side you can do that. It allows us to do a lot of things that conventionally dentistry we couldn’t do because people don’t want to have a partial denture that they stick in, stick out of the mouth and have to stick in the sink. You know, people don’t like that.



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