What is a Dental Bridge?

Watch this video to learn more about dental bridges and how they serve as a nonsurgical option for replacing individual missing teeth.

If you have two teeth on either side and they’re of strong quality and the bone is good, we can do, we could do a bridge and basically a bridge involves crowning teeth on both sides or capping and putting a teeth in the middle, kind of like a regular bridge from one side to the other and a crown as you basically shape the teeth.

And then and that’s a great procedure. The bridgework is because you can have it done within three weeks. You do it, you take an impression, two weeks later, we get back to the lab, we put it in and we make sure it looks gorgeous. We make sure fitting at the gum, to the gums right. Make sure it’s fitting the teeth right, and then bang, you get you got something within like a short period of time without a surgical procedure. And you can have a bridge and bridge. The good thing about bridge is bridges have been around as long as I’ve been a dentist, so way before me. And so it’s a it’s a procedure that’s been done time and time again.

And with bridge work, as with any work, if you take care of it, it can last a long time, a lifetime.


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