What is an Intraoral Camera?

Watch this video to learn more about our ability to capture digital images of troublesome areas of the mouth with an intraoral camera.

We offer a complimentary examination for people who come in. So people say, Hey, I got a tooth that’s hurting me. Something’s bothering me. I’m not sure where it is. We’ll take a look and then we’ll take an X-ray and we’ll see what the problem is. But then, you know, it’s hard to look back here and to see. But with this is a camera.

So we get to see exactly, we put on the computer, and you will see exactly what I’m going to say. So I can say, hey, this is abscess, this is broken, this is cracked, or there’s there’s a broken tooth here or the gums are swollen or you’ve got gum disease. With this, we can see everything. We can see what the problem is.

I can see exactly what we need to take care of. The bottom line is trying to make your life easier because you don’t want to come to the dentist. We understand that. Yeah, I you know, I’d rather see a movie. I’d rather go out with my friends. But we’re here to help. We’re trying to make it easy, make it painless, make it as simple as possible. So you can go about your life.


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