Are Bleeding Gums Normal?

Watch this video to learn more about how bleeding gums can be a sign of more serious periodontal issues.

What do we do for bleeding gums? So we start very softly. We find out what’s going out. We take the necessary X-rays. If we can calm it down with some cleanings, regular cleanings, you know, maybe every few months, three months. We’ll do that. If we find we’re not getting results, then we get to step it up. And it starts with the basics.

But we do deep cleans all the time if needed. The bottom line is we’re trying to prevent bleeding gums. We try to prevent losing teeth because all that’s a sign of a bigger problem. Like I said, I tell people, come on and see if this is something that you want us to look at. We offer a carpenter exam, we’re just here to help you. So give us a call.



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