Do You Perform Deep Cleanings?

Watch this video to learn more about our deep cleanings and in what situations they would be ideal.

If you’re coming in every six months, you’re flossing you’re brushing. Probably routine cleanings are probably what you need. Every six months you come on in and we take the plaque and tartar off your teeth. That develops naturally. If we still see a problem, then now we’re now we get into this deep cleaning area. And at that point, most likely is we’re going to measure the gums or we’ll see, Hey, how deep are the gums?

Take some X-rays, see what’s going on. You’re losing bone, most likely. And if you’re losing the bone, then there’s extra gum tissue there, because what’s happening is the teeth are not all in bones at the top of the tooth as above, you can see it. But underneath you can’t see everything. Usually a quarter or a third on top is your tooth and everything else is in bone.


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