Do You Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Watch this video to learn more about wisdom teeth extractions and what situations require a referral to a specialist.

We will take out wisdom teeth if they’re not impacted or semi-impacted. If we look at it and it’s lying on its side, or it’s backwards, or it’s up in your sinuses, it’s up high and we can’t see it, you know, we’re going to get you to a specialist. We’re going to get you to a guy who does it all the time.

Remember, our job is to make the procedure more simple, painless for you and easy. If we know we can do it and take care of it in a timely fashion, you’re going to walk out of here happy. We’re here to take care of it. If we know that’s going to involve a little more, if you want to be put to sleep, we don’t do that here. We’ll get you to a specialist who, that’s all they deal with, and they’ll cater to you, take care of that problem for you. But that’s why we offer the complimentary exam. Come on in, and we’ll take a peak, and take it from there.



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