Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Watch this video to learn more about any potential discomfort you may experience while undergoing a root canal procedure.

So we’re going to make sure you’re good and numb, whether you sit in the chair for 2 minutes. You sit in the chair for 7 minutes. Doesn’t matter. We’re going to make sure it’s numb Once it’s numb, we’re going to open up to drain. We open up the tooth. And probably 75 to 85% of people after we open up the tooth that night, next night, they say, Oh, my God.

It’s like night and day. It’s 50 to 75% better. Our job is to help you so that you can function and show and, you know, and live your life without the worry about your darn teeth. So I tell people, come in, we offer a complimentary exam that’s for, to help people. We’re here to help people.



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