How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Watch this video to learn more about the timeframe you can expect for undergoing root canal therapy.

If you have an infection and it’s pretty small and you just we just noticed it and just having a little sensitivity. Procedures maybe, you come sometimes one visit, most likely two visits the procedure has been there for a long period of time. The infection has to clear. But like I said, most of them within 2 to 3 visits, the root canal procedure is done.

If you’re walking around with pain, you have a broken tooth. You keep getting bubbles on your gums. You get these intermittent pain. You can’t bite on a certain side. It’s most likely an abscess tooth. And that’s something that we’re here to help for with. So that’s why we’re off in this combat exam. Come on and let’s take a look and we’ll help you.



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