How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

Watch this video to learn more about the overall cost you can expect for undergoing root canal therapy.

Root canals are like fillings. You can have a small filling. You can have a middle sized filling, or you can have a large filling where you’re rebuilding a tooth. And for me to give you a number is really unfair to you because it depends on the tooth, the number of roots involved and other factors. And like I said, this is a procedure we do all the time.

I mean, all the time because, you know, if you’re losing or if you have an abscess in your front tooth, you don’t want to pull your teeth. I mean, you really don’t. You want to see if you can fix it, at least buy yourself some time and then, you know from there. And that’s why we offer the complimentary exam to come on and for us to take a look to help you save your teeth.


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