Meet Dr. Gregory Zirakian

Watch this video to meet Dr. Gregory Zirakian and learn more about the history of our practice in East Longmeadow.

My name is Dr. Gregory Zirakian and I have been practicing in Western Mass since 1986. I grew up in the area. My family’s from the area. And these Longmeadow, I lived here for ten years and I live in the neighboring town, Wilbraham. Like I said, I was inspired by my dentist in Springfield, Mass. Years ago. And that’s how I got in this profession, doing this for 37 years.

We have a wonderful practice here. I call like a boutique practice. We have like four people or five people in the office tops, and we specialize in individual care. We take our time with every single patient. We welcome new families. We have elderly people, we have young children. And like I say, we have people. They come in and we know their names and know their families well.



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