What are Veneers?

Watch this video to learn more about porcelain veneers and how they are utilized to restore and brighten your smile.

If your teeth are crooked or decayed, stained and they’re pretty structurally sound, you can put, remove a little off the front and you can have a white smile. So basically one tooth is bad. You can just do one tooth. Or you say, God, I don’t like the the two, you know, the two teeth. A lot of people will do more than that. So they want them whiter and obviously we have to match the other teeth. But a porcelain veneer, think of it as artificial fingernail, it fits right over your own tooth. You have to take a little off the front of the teeth and on the sides. So and then you cement it in. That procedure is really straightforward.

It can be done in two visits. And the bottom line is we do the procedure. You have a temporary two weeks later, you come back, we put it in. If you don’t say, wow, you don’t get it, we’ll send it back. Whether it’s needs to be whiter or longer or straighter or we can if we can’t fix it right there, there in the chair.

But porcelain veneers is a wonderful procedure because it allows you to have whiter, brighter teeth and allows you to smile and gives you a younger look, you know, especially if your teeth are crooked or stained or there’s lots of fillings on the front teeth or just you just don’t want to smile because it’s not what you used to have, but it’s where you are now. If you’re considering porcelain veneers, we offer the complimentary examination and consult. Come on in. We’ll take a look at it. We’ll tell you if that’s an option for you and we can make it work for you so that you can smile and have a bright smile.



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