What Denture Options Do You Offer?

Watch this video to learn more about the different options we offer to restore your smile with full and partial dentures.

We do all sorts of dentures. We do upper dentures, we get a full denture replacing all your teeth on the upper. We do a full denture on the lower, placing your teeth on the lower. Partial dentures—similar, you know, whether you’re missing a bunch of teeth, but you still got a bunch of teeth on the upper, or a bunch of teeth on the lower, we can replace the teeth that are missing. These procedures usually can be done within a 5 to 6 week period. You can go from having nothing to, say, six weeks later, maybe seven tops, because you’re going to have a denture when you walk out and then you’ll have teeth again and you can smile.

Dentures are wonderful because, you know, if you’re walking around and you’re not tasting your food, you’re not chewing. Now you have something and you can actually chew and function. We need to have our teeth back again so that we can chew and function and enjoy life and enjoy food.



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