What Is a CBCT X-Ray?

Watch this video to learn more about the cone beam x-ray machine and how it allows us to determine if you have enough bone for a dental implant.

Basically, this is a cone beam or CBCT X-ray. So basically, what it is, is an individual stands here. We take an X-ray, and it’s going to give me a three-dimensional look of your jaw. Your bone, your upper jaw, your lower jaw. It allows me to measure exactly—are you a candidate for dental implants?

And we use this all the time. Because before, we would take a regular X-ray, not three-dimensional. And we can get an idea, but with this we say: Are you a candidate? Yes. How much bone you have. You got this amount of bone, and then you can have teeth and you need to have done for your mouth. So that’s why, you know, like I said, we’re here to help people.



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