What is a Dental Crown?

Watch this video to learn more about dental crowns and how they serve as a nonsurgical option to save existing teeth and restore your smile.

Crowns are a procedure to save your tooth. So, to make it simple, if we have a tooth and you have a cavity on it, it’s simple. We kind of say they’re by side. So, say, one side, that’s a simple filling. Say two sides are involved, between the teeth, all right, simple filling. Three sides, right? You probably go with a larger filling.

So you can understand where we’re going here. So, a crown is basically an artificial tooth. It snaps over your real tooth. We have a lab, which takes about two weeks, make a crown that matches your teeth exactly. We cement it in place, and when we cement it, you can say, how does that look? How does it feel? Feels great. Boom, we cement it in place.

That’s why you need a crown to protect the tooth, strengthen the tooth, and to function. And as you get older, you may need this procedure.



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