What is Micro Air Abrasion?

Watch this video to learn more about the utilization of micro air abrasion to assist in cleaning cavities in preparation for dental fillings.

So what micro air abrasion is a technology that’s been around for a long time. And basically, we can do fillings with it. What it allows us to do, it has the abrasive particle that they use in toothpaste to clean your teeth. And basically you clean out the area of decay. So if you have a black hole there and it’s small, if that could be too sensitive, you don’t need anesthesia. You blow this particle out. The particles on there, it’s like a dust, it cleans out the black area, then you fill it with a white filling material.

It’s a wonderful procedure. It has its place, like other things. But it does work and it’s wonderful. So this could be for you. We offer a complimentary exam. Come on in and we’ll take a look, see if this is something that can be done.



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