What Kinds of Dental Fillings Do You Offer?

Watch this video to learn more about the types types of materials available for filling cavities and cracks.

White fillings are basically what people are using now. People want their teeth to look like teeth. They don’t want their teeth to look like like black in the back. So some of these fillings. So we usually most are white fillings. Do we do silver fillings if someone requested a silver filling? Yeah, we can still do a silver filling. That’s the procedure of that right now. And like I said, it’s changed over the years, but it’s a wonderful procedure. It lasts. And like any, any procedures, if you maintain it, it’s going to last longer. So come in. We offer a complimentary exam. We can help you out and at least tell you if you can if this is something that you want to have done.



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