Why Should I Choose Your Practice?

Watch this video to learn more about our practice and our dedication to our community in East Longmeadow.

People always say, why choose your dental practice? Well, for one reason, we’ve been here for 37 years. I’ve been in Western Mass., and I’ve been in the East Longmeadow for 34 years. We do all sorts of dental work here. We do regular fillings, we do dental implants, we do dental surgery, extractions, we do dentures. We built up quite a good reputation over the years. We’re a small office. There’s like four or five of us in the office. I’m the only doctor in the office. We cater to you. We know our patients. We make it easy and fun. We’re going to call you to confirm and to make sure you’re good afterwards. And we stand behind our work.

You know, if something’s not right, we’re going to fix it right away. If there’s something broken, come on in. We’ll redo it—fix it up for you. That’s why you should choose us. And like I said, I know we’re small, but we take care of our people. We treat everybody like family, like you’d like to be treated. So that’s why you should come to see me.


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