Dental Implant Process Explained

Are you considering dental implants but have questions about the process involved? Watch this video to learn more about the steps involved in receiving a dental implant to replace missing or damaged teeth.

So basically what we offer is we offer a complimentary examination and we take an X-ray and basically you’ll see and of course, the X-ray goes around your head. Once we know the quality and quality of bone is then we take a look at where the good bone is and then we’ll we can talk what your needs are. If we think a mini implant can be done and give you a great result, that’s what you’re going to, will offer.

If we think it’s more conventional implant, we can talk about that too. There and there is some gray area where you can do a mini and a regular implant. Like I said, any questions come in for an exact complimentary exam. We can explain everything to you. From there, it’s pretty straightforward. You can make your determination if it works for your time and budget.

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