What is a Dental Implant?

Are you considering a dental implant but have questions about the procedure and what is involved? Watch this video to learn more about dental implants and how they are utilized to replace missing teeth and bring stability to loose dentures.

We do two different types of implants. Mini implants are unique in that you can replace them with in a few weeks. So you can do a surgical procedure and you know you can do two or three four, as many as you want. Minis were actually designed for, years ago for denture stabilization, if you have a loose denture it’s driving you crazy.

And you say to yourself, God almighty, I’ve had all these dentures made. I need something better, a lower denture. You can put four mini implants in there and you’re done. And you have within one appointment, you had the surgery done, the denture realigned. If it’s if it’s a, you know, relatively newer denture, if the denture is old if I probably have to do a new denture on it. But it’s a wonderful procedure for that. But minis are great and they just help thousands of people get some teeth back. It’s a wonderful procedure.


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