Can I Replace a Single Front Tooth?

Are you missing a single tooth and looking for options to replace it? Watch this video to learn more about what options we offer for replacing individual missing or damaged front tooth.

How to replace a front tooth, many options. Mini implants is, we’re doing a lot of these, are a wonderful option. So with a mini implant procedure that allows us and two visits to place a mini implant. And so what we do is we place a mini implant in the bone that’s done in about 45 minutes. You walk out with a real tooth, temporary tooth.

We send it to the laboratory. Two weeks later, a laboratory sends us a tooth that looks just like your other teeth. Snap it in place. We glue it in place. You smile. Bang. No more flippers, no more missing tooth. And like I said, the mini implant procedure is very non-invasive. You go right through the tissue. We do a complimentary exam, we take an X-ray to tell exactly where the bone is. This is these are wonderful procedures. Allows us to do something that 25, 30 years ago we couldn’t do.

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