Am I Too Old for a Dental Implant?

Are you considering a dental implant but have questions about whether you may be too old for the treatment? Watch this video to learn more about any potential age requirements for replacing missing or damaged teeth with dental implants.

Age really has no factor in it, except, you know, if you’re 99 years old and like I said, and you have no bone or something like that, but age shouldn’t be a factor for most people. It’s more if you have the quality and the quantity of bone needed to place an implant in the bone. But also medication is very important.

If you’re on medicine for osteoporosis or stuff like that, that was also a concern because that means the bone is thinning, it’s not firm bone. So those are all important for us, factors for placing dental implants. If you have any concerns about age or any other pre-existing conditions, the office offers a complimentary examination. Come into the office. We’ll take a look at everything and we can tell you exactly what you need and the cost.


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