Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants

Are you considering dental implants and have questions regarding insurance coverage? Watch this video to learn more about insurance coverage options for receiving one or more dental implants.

If you want if you need to have something placed in your mouth and you know you don’t want to have a denture, like I said, a dental implant is a wonderful procedure. It’s, you have it it’s your own tooth, it’s in your mouth. You brush it, you can eat steak with it. You do everything you want with it.

You don’t take it out of your mouth. And if your insurance is going to pay something toward it, we’re going to maximize your benefits. We’re going to help you in every way so that you can get coverage for your for your procedure. You know, obviously, depending on the plan and what you have and we have flexible finance options too so we can break it down for you.

We can make it work for you and that’s why we’re offering the complimentary exam to make it simple and easy. And like I said, we’re here to help. And that’s our job.


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