Permanent Dentures Offer a Lasting, Reliable Smile

Permanent Dentures in Springfield, MA | Dr. Gregory Zirakian

Replacing missing teeth with traditional dentures, as opposed to permanent dentures, often presents a common issue: Conventional dentures have a tendency to slip and slide in your mouth at inconvenient times. That idea always reminds me of the song “Slip Slidin’ Away” by Paul Simon. Not only because the title itself references “slipping” and “sliding” but because of what the lyrics say about how we often let opportunities in life slip away.

Throughout the song, Simon describes various people dwelling on the past or not taking the opportunity right before them. He sings,

I know a woman, became a wifeThese are the very words she uses to describe her lifeShe said a good day, ain’t got no rainShe said a bad day’s when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been


Slip slidin’ awaySlip slidin’ awayYou know the nearer your destinationThe more you’re slip slidin’ away


And I know a father who had a sonHe longed to tell him all the reasons for the things he’d doneHe came a long way, just to explainHe kissed his boy as he lay sleeping then he turned around and headed home again

The woman Simon describes first might have the chance to do some things she wishes she’d done, but she’s hamstrung by worry and regret over what she’s already missed. Meanwhile, the man he sings about goes far out of his way to try and explain to his son some of his life choices, then can’t bring himself to do so at the eleventh hour. Whether their hesitance is because of embarrassment, shame, or some other reason is up to the listener, but we’ve all had the feeling of letting an opportunity slip away or being afraid for some reason to seize the moment in front of us.

If you’ve gotten this far and are wondering what this possibly has to do with dentures, ask yourself this: Have you ever held back, felt embarrassed, or missed opportunities because of missing teeth? How many moments have slipped away because of hesitation or uncertainty? Let’s face it: life is already full of uncertainty. The worry of missing teeth or unstable dentures shouldn’t add more difficulty.

Have you ever held back, felt embarrassed, or missed opportunities due to missing teeth? How many moments have slipped away because of hesitation or uncertainty? Life is inherently uncertain, but missing teeth or unstable dentures don’t need to add to these challenges.

If you’re one of the 36 million Americans who are missing all their teeth, the best solution for this problem is permanent dentures, held firmly in place with mini dental implants.

Types of Dentures

Permanent Dentures in Springfield, MA | Dr. Gregory ZirakianMany types of dentures are on the market, both removable and non-removable. What sets permanent dentures apart is that they are the most stable and secure option.

  1. Traditional dentures: This is what you picture when someone asks you to picture dentures. Also known as full dentures, this removable prosthetic sits on your gums but may not provide your desired fit.
  2. Partial dentures: These are for those who still have some natural teeth. They typically use metal wires to hook onto existing teeth. Like full dentures, partial dentures are removable.
  3. Implant-retained overdentures: Think of this as an upgrade of older dentures—they look like a traditional pair of dentures but snap into place using 4-8 dental implants, offering a better fit. Plus, the implants allow us to make overdentures using less plastic material, allowing you to better taste your food.
  4. Fix-on-six®: These full roundhouse bridges enhance stability by attaching to 6-10 mini dental implants in a semi-permanent way. They are only removed by an implant dentist like Dr. Zirakian during your regular checkups Fix-on-Six is an updated version of the All-on-4® system that uses larger traditional implants.
  5. Implant-supported dentures (AKA permanent dentures): This option is the pinnacle of denture stability! These roundhouse bridges are permanently cemented to 10-12 mini dental implants for incredible security and functionality. Essentially, they’re the closest thing to having your real teeth back.

Implant dentures offer far more stability and functionality than full or partial dentures because they attach to dental implants rather than sitting atop your gums.

Why Choose Permanent Dentures?

One of the key reasons to choose permanent dentures is their exceptional stability. Imagine a life where you no longer worry about your dentures slipping during a conversation or having to avoid certain foods. With permanent dentures, you can confidently enjoy every moment, fully embracing the lifestyle you remember. They closely mimic the look, feel, and function of natural teeth, offering you the most natural replacement option.

Permanent dentures aren’t just about stability; they’re a long-term solution. Traditional dentures need frequent adjustments to fit correctly, but permanent ones can last for many years with proper care. Unlike traditional dentures that only replace the missing crowns, implant-supported dentures replace the entire tooth, from the crown to the root. As a result, the implants stimulate the jawbone, promoting its health and maintaining tissue density.

Taking the First Step Towards a New Smile

The first step to restoring your teeth is to schedule an initial consultation. At East Longmeadow Family Dental Center, Dr. Zirakian and his team will guide you through the process, from examining your mouth to discussing the best financial options for you.

When you opt for mini implants for your permanent dentures, you’ll experience a less invasive, faster, and simpler procedure. The placement procedure for traditional implants can take many months and may even require bone grafting surgery. On the other hand, Dr. Zirakian can typically place the mini implants and attach a tooth all in one visit.

The Cost of Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are an investment in your self-assurance, life quality, and future. At East Longmeadow Family Dental Center, our team will help you navigate your insurance coverage, clarifying what is covered. For those seeking payment plans, we partner with various financing companies to ensure this transformative process fits within your budget.

Get Permanent Dentures Today!

Your teeth and smile play a pivotal role in your daily life. They are how you express joy, make first impressions, and savor the flavors of life. If missing teeth are holding you back or your old dentures are “Slip Slidin’ Away,” a permanent solution is possible. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Gregory Zirakian at East Longmeadow Family Dental Center has been changing lives, one smile at a time, and he’s eager to do the same for you.

Are you sick of thinking of the “things that might have been,” like the woman in Paul Simon’s tune? Don’t wait another day to experience the freedom of a secure smile. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and take advantage of this opportunity.

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