Will I Require Bone Grafting for a Mini Dental Implant?

Were you told by another dentist that you would have to undergo bone grafting prior to receive a dental implant? Watch this video to learn more about the possibility of not needing bone grafting treatment to establish the width and density needed to place a mini dental implant.

If you have enough bone, you’re not going to require bone grafting usually. For many dental implants, there are times where we see there’s not enough bone. Then we’ll discuss options. But like I said, I usually tell people for a mini implant, there’s usually enough bone to place the mini implant. We’ve check with the we check the bone on the X-ray, and from there we’re going to place the implant.

If you are having a surgical procedure and had a tooth removed or was done or said you had a tooth removed. We have to we have to fill the hole with bone because you need a certain amount of bone to place a mini implant. So that’s why we offer the complimentary exam for you to take us to see what’s going on. And so we can you help you get the teeth you need.


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