Does It Hurt to Get a Dental Implant?

Are you considering dental implants and have questions about whether it will hurt? Watch this video to learn more about any potential discomfort you may experience when receiving one or more dental implants.

Dental implants is a surgery, it’s a surgical procedure. A mini dental implant is much less sensitive because you’re not going to really—you’re going to feel some. But people say, “Took a Motrin, and that was it, really didn’t bother me too much.” A regular dental implant would be—it’s a little more invasive. So you’re going to do a little more work because you have to get down there and place the implant.

But people even say that’s not really that bad. They took a couple of Motrins. The implants are a wonderful procedure because it allows us to do something that 25 years ago we couldn’t do. They talked about it and now they’ve made it really straightforward and we can tell right away is, okay, this is—this procedure is going to work for you and you can walk out of here smiling.

And that’s why we offer a complimentary exam so people can at least explore. Is this something I want to get involved with because it is a relatively newer procedure.


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