What If I Don’t Have Enough Bone for a Dental Implant?

Were you told by another doctor that you were not a good candidate for a dental implant or had to undergo bone grafting prior to the procedure? Watch this video to learn more about what options are available for replacing missing teeth if you have suffered bone loss.

If you don’t have enough bone then there are other options depending on where the tooth is, if there’s any teeth behind it for a lower denture. Same kind of thing. If you don’t have enough bone you know, that’s something we would be able to measure and that would tell you right then and there. That’s the determining factor, the quantity and bone you have.

If you had all your teeth out years ago and you didn’t ever you know, when you’re not wearing a denture your dentures old and we take an X-ray and there’s not enough bone, you’d have to see, probably see a specialist and have them evaluate it. But you still can have it done that. But the trouble is, now you’re got to go to a different person who specializes in certain procedures to give you extra bone. So it would be a little different. There are other options available depending on your timing and your budget.

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